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Telehealth Speech Pathology Intervention 


Flexible, reliable and experienced support for individuals with communication and swallowing challenges.


We want to help you to achieve your goals

in the comforts of your home 

Australia's healthcare system was designed in an era when patients could only access medical care by physically going to their provider’s workplace and meeting face to face.


Today, we can provide virtual speech therapy at home — in many cases, more efficiently and effectively than by using an in-person treatment.

You don't need to ensure long lines at your local clinic, or limited therapy options due to your location to receive quality Speech Pathology intervention. 

Connecting With Us is Easy!

The Benefits of Telehealth

  • Effective clinical outcomes (proven by research)

  • Less waiting - you can get started immediately

  • Convenient - from the comfort of your home 

  • Saves Money & Accessible - no travel time & no travel costs

  • Flexible -greater ability to choose your desired therapy time

  • Greater capacity and choice 

How does it work?

In order to do remote therapy, the following is required: 

  •  Laptop, tablet, iPad, phone or computer

  • Internet connection 

  • Inward facing camera 

We email a 'Zoom" link ahead of time. Quite simply, click on the link & it will take you directly to the online meeting. 


Meet with experienced Speech Pathologists online, from the comfort of your home, office, nursing facility or office. We will assess your needs and customise a plan with you, to help you get the best results as effectively as possible. 

Free Initial Online Consultation

To see if online therapy would work for you & to ensure everything is set up smoothly for ongoing telehealth intervention, we offer a free initial online 30 minute consultation. 

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