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Learning how to communicate effectively means your child speaks and listens in a way that can have a significant impact on their life - now and in the future.

We love helping children of all aged to improve their everyday speech and language skills. 

 Our Speech Pathologists are friendly, warm and welcoming and know how to keep children engaged and having fun whilst building their skills. 

We are also skilled in working with parents to on ways they can help their child develop their communication skills at home, therefore maximising therapeutic gains! 




Speech sound delays and disorders impact the ability for others to understand your child. 


Have you ever wondered if your child is saying their sounds correctly for their age? Does your child leave off the beginning or ends of sounds or substitute one for the other? 


We assess, manage and treat speech disorders and delays including articulation disorders, phonological delays and motor speech disorders. 


If a child has difficulty producing a sound, or often swaps one sound for another, we can identify these errors, and work with the child towards clear and confident speech!


At Specialised Speech Pathology, we use family-centred coaching and evidence-based treatments to support speech sound production.




Children with expressive language disorders may have difficulties putting words together, have difficulties using correct grammar or have reduced vocabulary. 


Children with receptive language disorders may develop language more slowly than their peers, have limited vocabulary, misunderstand what others say or have trouble following directions. 


We assess, manage and treat children with language difficulties including the ability to use correct grammatical structures, understand concepts, build vocabulary, combine words to form sentences and understand questions. 


We focus on functional language and goals that will have the greatest  impact on a child’s life. We also work with their teachers and other carers on ways they can assist to build language function. 






Social skills or social communication includes all the skills necessary to make and maintain friendships. Social skills are all about the ‘rules’ that we follow when we talk to others. 


If a child has difficulties with social skills, they might have trouble maintaining eye contact, struggle to stay on topic during conversation, have difficulties understanding social situations or have a hard time predicting other actions. 


Our team can support children to improve their social communication from the comfort of their home, to improve their interaction and communication with others. 



Literacy is all about reading, writing and spelling. 


Children with literacy challenges have difficulties in blending and segmenting sounds within words when reading and spelling, as well as comprehending written information. 


We assess and treat literacy difficulties using evidence-based programs to suit each child, fostering confidence in children to achieve their long-term literacy goals. 




Stuttering (or Dysfluency) is a speech difficulty characterised by interruptions to the rhythm of flow of speech. 


When a child stutters, it sounds like they are getting “stuck” on their words. They may repeat a sound, word or phrases repeatedly. 


We used evidence-based programs to give children the strategies they need to develop and maintain smooth speech, achieve clearer communication and improved communication confidence. 



We’ll meet via our secure, easy-to-use online platform. The materials used will be shared on the screen. 






  • Eliminates transportation concerns and travel time 

  • Greater flexibility and convenience 

  • Greater generalisation of goals to everyday life 

  • Good proximity of the camera to the mouth 

  • It works & has been proven to be as effective as face to face therapy



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