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Lee-Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT-LOUD)- What’s the goal and how does it work?

The Goal of LSVT LOUD

The goal of LSVT LOUD is to increase vocal volume and communicate at a “normal” loudness level.

The treatment program has also been clinically proven to improve and maintain:

  • Vocal strength

  • Articulation and speech clarity

  • Swallowing ability

  • Respiratory strength

LSVT LOUD is an evidence-based treatment program, with a number of studies illustrating the above outcomes.

Even after treatment has finished, outcomes should be maintained over time.

How does treatment work?

There are three elements to the program:

  1. Intensity & High Effort: Through continued vocal practice at high intensity, outcomes are achieved and maintained

  2. Sensory re-calibration: What this means is - the program teaches people to recognise what is “normal” speech, compared to “abnormal” speech. This supports their ability to use their louder voice when communicating in everyday situations, because they are aware what effort they have to put in to achieve louder sounding voice

  3. The only treatment target is amplitude (loudness)

The program consists of 16 sessions, 1 hour per session!

Who can administer this treatment program?

Only LSVT-LOUD Certified Clinicians and Speech Pathologists.

Our clinicians are LSVT certified.

We can assist people on their journey to improving their voice so they can speak as confidently and effectively as possible.

We aim to make it engaging and enjoyable as possible along the way!


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