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Ethics & Values

Due to the very human nature of work in healthcare, Specialised Speech Pathology believes the following key ethics and values are of highest importance.  Therefore, all clients cared for will be managed according to these principles.

Warmth of manner

All clients and significant others will be treated with warmth and respect regardless of age, sex, religion, culture, reason for accessing Speech Pathology services or otherwise.


All clients will receive high-level personalised assessment and therapy based on evidence and professional experience. Specialised Speech Pathology will remain committed to innovate and excel in providing care to those who seek their service. 


All patients will be afforded privacy in accessing services through Specialised Speech Pathology. Assessment and treatment results will only be shared with referring persons and other professionals when consent is obtained from the client.  

Patient centeredness

All clients will receive assessment and therapy based on their specific individual needs. Goals are established collaboratively and our clients are positioned at the centre of all decision making. 



Tasha-Bea Sergay, the founder of Specialised Speech Pathology, has always been passionate about treating adult and adolescents with communication and swallowing difficulties. 


“More than just providing Speech Pathology intervention, this business is about really having clients at the centre of the business, and providing fully customised services that take into consideration the unique aspects of context, environment and client-needs.

We strive to make our therapy easily accessible and highly applicable to day-to-day life, with the aim to facilitate meaningful change which directly results in a positive, functional life impact”


A long-term believer in work-life balance supporting quality professional services, Tasha-Bea has designed Specialised Speech Pathology to offer best-practice in employee wellbeing. 

From professional development sessions, team building opportunities and flexible schedules, Specialised Speech Pathology is focused on building a work-place culture that allows space for work, health and growth in realistic ways. 


“We are a passionate, forward thinking team, combining evidence-based and creativity, to find effective, impactful ways to work with our clients. 

This allows us to bring clarity, dedication and fresh perspectives to every client we encounter” 

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