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Spino-cerebellar Ataxia

I have found Specialised Speech Pathology to be extremely professional with all my dealing thus far via Telehealth.

I believe it has been very beneficial with my speech and confidence, personally I can not speak highly enough of my time I have spent with them.

Parkinson's Client

My experience with Specialised Speech Pathology and telehealth has been outstanding. Tasha-bea immediately made me feel comfortable and has helped me project the volume of my very inaudible voice, due to Parkinsons. she has been very kind, patient and has made the whole experience fun but still keeping very professional. I am very grateful for her help and I highly recommend using her and Specialised Speech Pathology.

Stroke Survivor 

I had a stroke in 2018. 

When I started Telehealth therapy with Specialised Speech Pathology, my situation no longer felt hopeless.


I am starting to enjoy my life again. The convenience and flexibility of Telehealth has been amazing and the same if not better than face-to-face therapy.

Mother of NDIS Client (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Tasha-Bea and the team at Specialised Speech Pathology are experienced, professional, responsive and driven by industry best practice. My daughter always looked forward to her therapy sessions.

Montefiore Aged Care Home

Tasha-Bea Sergay has provided Speech Pathology services to the Montefiore Home for the last 5 months.Her service has always been to the highest standards and is a delight to work with...There was always a prompt response to referrals etc (attends to referrals within 1 day of receiving them) Telehealth is very easy to use.... She aims to go above and beyond to residents at all times.

Colac Area Health 

Communication and clinical documentation has been professional and of a high standard ... Your warm engagement with staff, our patients and our residents have been much appreciated and they have felt well supported in engaging with a telehealth based service. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your team into the future so that our patients, residents and clients in the community can benefit from your care. 


Specialised Speech Pathology helps client to improve their health outcomes by providing easy to Speech Pathology services via video consultation.


If travel or distance create a barrier to accessing quality services, or you have difficulty finding therapists who will come to you, our easy-to-use service will connect you with high quality Speech Pathology specialists, wherever you call home. 

When you use the Specialised Speech Pathology service, you will:

  • Reduce the wait time 

  • Improve your health outcomes

  • Overcome access challenges based on your
    – Mobility
    – Location
    – Phobia or Anxiety

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