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We are passionate about improving communication, swallowing and quality of life, from the comforts of your home  



Specialised Speech Pathology (SSP) helps adults and seniors communicate, swallow and live a connected and fulfilling life. This is our thing. 


SSP was sparked by passion to use Telehealth Speech Pathology to improve the lives of rural, regional, aged care and NDIS patients throughout Australia, by making quality healthcare more accessible through telehealth and collaborative care services. 


Founder Tasha-Bea discovered hundreds of thousands Australian needing better and more accessible Speech Pathology services. She also identified that there were many Speech Pathologists not feeling challenged or appreciated in their jobs. 


SSP was born to fill a niche, provide a great service and bring together a team of talented and caring Speech Pathologists. 


SSP service makes a positive impact on the lives of seniors and adults every day: Simple things can make a huge impact. 

Online meeting

The SSP team provides services online for

clients, no matter where you live

Online and easy.
Remote Speech Pathology saves time and is hassle free. 

We offer services to adults, teens  and seniors, no matter where you are! 



Sessions take place via our secure and safe telehealth platform. 

Remote Working



Aged Care: 

Overcoming all the limitations of the current model of care, our service model is tailored to Aged Care Residents. Specialised Speech Pathology is able to create a collaborative care environment, that allows aged care homes across Australia to access healthcare for their residents with reduced wait times.

NDIS Clients:

Specialised Speech Pathology makes it easier for NDIS Participants to access quality Speech Pathology services from the comfort of their own home.

The Specialised Speech Pathology Difference

We're all about improving your communication, eating and drinking, so you can live a more connected meaningful life

What can seem like simple daily tasks can be made a whole lot better by supporting communication, safety and comfort while eating and overall quality of life . The results can make a huge difference in the lives of people who have diffiulties communicating and swallowing. 

"Our clients are looking for functional intervention that’s going to make an impactful difference to their daily lives and a step forward towards a more connected and meaningful future. This requires individualised solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients by placing humans at the centre of each situation" 

Tasha-Bea Sergay 
Speech Pathologist & Founder

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